KLEENGUARD* G10 Arctic Blue Nitrile Gloves X-Large CODE 90099


Our KLEENGUARD* G10 Arctic Blue Nitrile gloves are more comfortable and economical than standard nitrile gloves, yet retain the protective properties required for excellent performance across a wide range of industrial applications. They are the ideal replacement for latex gloves, providing the protection of nitrile at an everyday price. Features: Outstanding comfort and ease of movement Natural rubber latex-free, reducing the risk of Type-1 allergic reactions Powder-free to minimize the drying effects of powder on skin Textured fingertips for better grip Beaded cuff for added strength & easy donning Ambidextrous 9.5″ length AQL level of 4.0 for pinholes Distinctive Arctic Blue color for easy ID Food handling certified in North America and Europe 100% more gloves per case Typical Uses: Electronic assembly, Electrical contracting, Painting, Manufacturing, Aluminum die casting, Automotive