320250 – Enforcer Zip Work Boot


Enforcer Zip Work Boot is a 150mm men’s derby style, lace-up Ankle Boots with an industrial grade zipper so you don’t have to worry about tying up laces every day. It is a popular 100% comfortable choice for Police Officers, Emergency Officers, and Security Guards. The Enforcer also features a heat-resistant nitrile outsole to 300 degrees and premium pathogen and water-resistant leather, available in black.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Safety Technology: Equipped with cutting-edge safety features, including reinforced steel toes and puncture-resistant soles, our boots provide unparalleled protection against workplace hazards. Whether you’re navigating construction sites or working in industrial settings, you can trust Enforcer Zip Work Boots to keep your feet safe from impact and penetration.
  2. Waterproof and Weatherproof: Don’t let rain or harsh weather conditions slow you down. Our boots are designed to withstand the elements, keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day long. The waterproof construction ensures that you can focus on the task at hand without worrying about soggy feet or discomfort.
  3. All-Day Comfort: Say goodbye to fatigue and discomfort with the superior comfort of Enforcer Zip Work Boots. Featuring cushioned insoles and ergonomic design, these boots provide exceptional support for your feet, reducing strain and preventing fatigue even during extended wear. Whether you’re standing, walking, or climbing, you’ll appreciate the comfort and stability that our boots offer.

Conclusion: When it comes to choosing the right work boots, safety, comfort, and durability are paramount. With Enforcer Zip Work Boots, you get all these qualities and more. Invest in your safety and comfort today with Enforcer Zip Work Boot and experience the difference on the job.

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6-14 (6.5-12.5 half sizes)