FW41 – Steelite Ladies Safety Shoe S1


Steelite Ladies Safety Shoe offers S1 protection and ensures maximum comfort for the wearer even when worn for long durations.


  • CE certified
  • Protective steel toecap
  • Anti-static footwear
  • Energy Absorbing Seat Region
  • SRC – Slip-resistant outsole to prevent slips and trips on ceramic and steel surfaces
  • Fuel and oil-resistant outsole
  • Dual-density sole unit
  • SRA – Slip-resistant outsole to prevent slips and trips on ceramic surfaces

“Introducing Steelite Ladies Safety Shoes: Ultimate Protection with Style!

Looking for safety shoes that combine fashion with function? Look no further than Steelite Ladies Safety Shoes! Our collection is designed to provide women with the utmost protection without compromising on style.

With a sleek and modern design, our safety shoes are perfect for women in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, hospitality, and healthcare. Whether you’re working in tough conditions or on your feet all day, Steelite Ladies Safety Shoes offer the durability and comfort you need to stay safe and productive.

At Steelite, we prioritize both safety and style, so you can feel confident and empowered while on the job. Upgrade your workwear with Steelite Ladies Safety Shoes today!”

Steelite™ Women’s
Stylish design and slim line last offers superb comfort, fit and stability
for long durations of wear. The protective steel components will keep
your feet safe.

Our shoes feature:

  1. Steel Toe Cap: Protects your toes from impact and compression, ensuring your safety in hazardous environments.
  2. Slip-Resistant Sole: Provides excellent traction on slippery surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls.
  3. Shock Absorption: Cushioned insoles and midsoles absorb shock, minimizing foot fatigue and discomfort.
  4. Breathable Materials: Designed with breathable materials to keep your feet cool and comfortable throughout the day.
  5. Stylish Design: From classic black to trendy colors, our safety shoes are available in a range of styles to suit your personal preference.


Split Leather

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36 – 42